Long Night of Lake Constance Gardens,
Lindau at Lake Constance

The Lindau trader Friedrich Gruber engaged at this location in the 1840s the architect Franz Jacob Kreuter to build a stately villa. The surrounding, extensive park designed garden designer Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe, a cousin of the famous Peter Josef Lenné.
The work PARKGESCHEHEN uses fancy words, composed of a noun and a verb that as surface textures were projected into the parkland to seven, with the respective terms very consciously selected, places. Associative and in a poetic sense, the multiple meanings of these words reflect past, present and future tasks of a park: ZEITZEUGEN, GRUNDFORMEN, LICHTSTUNDEN, JAHRZEITEN, NATURWISSEN, BAUMRINGEN, LANDSCHAFFEN, BLICKWEITEN, TRAUMREISEN, IDEENQUELLEN, GEDANKENHECKEN, SINNEWANDELN, FERNWEHEN. On the central lawn of the park, which defines the visual axis from the villa over the Lake Constance to the Alps, from the balcony of the Villa towards the lake was projected a pulsating evolving text video animation of the mentioned concepts, a reference to the Italy-longing of the former owner Friedrich Gruber. In occasion of the Long Night of Lake Constance Gardens this light installation was initiated and organized by Marigret Brass Kästl, town home keeper of the great district town of Lindau and chairman of the Association “Garden Memorial Park Lindenhof”.