St. Josef Church,

The church of St. Joseph in Puchheim near Munich was designed by the architect Günter Eisele and inaugurated in 1966. The entire complex follows in its design to the liturgical Constitution (Sacrosanctum Concilium 7) adopted in 1963 by the Second Vatican Council. The partial animated projection MITEINANDER, on the occasion of the 50th patrocinium of St. Josef, takes this fact into account both formally and in terms of content. The words Freude, Hoffnung, Trauer and Angst (joy, hope, sorrow and fear) are taken from the opening sentence of the pastoral constitution of the Second Vatican Council (The Church in the World of Today) and appear in the middle of the central wall behind the altar in combination with the preposition “with”.
The terms multiply in the vertical and then in the horizontal from the inside to the outside. Finally, the texture extends from the center, to the right and left over the two side walls. Through the cross-projection and the resulting alignments on the side walls, the church visitors grouped around the altar are embraced by light and words. In the last cycle, the term “MITEINANDER” completes this movement sequence.
At the end of this animation, which was adapted dramatically to the last plays of a previous church concert, the projection changes to a texture of all possible nouns of the combination “MIT–”. At the same time, the entire church interior is illuminated with a slide projection from verbs of the combination “mit–”.
An external projection with the personal pronouns and the term “Miteinander Dasein” (existence together) completes the work.