Exhibition at Gallery Anne Voss,

The works of Georg Trenz and Detlef Hartung at the Anne Voss Gallery in Dortmund are small, readable interventions in space. Typographic signs and textures projected over each other as structural, architectural-related light surfaces structure the exhibition space. They are inevitably partially covered by the exhibition visitors. The results are interactive dynamics and a new readability of the projections, the conceptual content of which partly relates itself to this contrasting play of statics and dynamics, light and shadow, readable signs and abstract ornamentation. Everyday concepts, paradoxical phrases or urban phrases direct the reception of the works on the one hand to a purely physical, often quite literal level, on the other hand, they can be interpreted psychologically or perceptually theoretically.
Examples are:
The viewer becomes a projection screen by visiting the gallery. At some positions in the room text fragments of different works meet. For others, he becomes the mediator of autonomous work in space.

On a façade segment, the parking lot opposite the gallery, a 2–channel video projection was shown during the exhibition opening. A cataract from the literal character of the word LICHTEINFALL pours out over the façade front in varying dynamics and changes its appearance. Light and text, the elements of perception and communication flood this prominent exterior of the gallery and point to the reflection on light, space and language in the exhibition “Lichteinfall”.