Exhibition Schafhof,
Schafhof, Europäisches Kunstforum Oberbayern,

The title of the exhibition references a light art installation
created by Hartung | Trenz for the Art Forum‘s
sculpture garden. The gallery will also be showing two other
installations by the artist duo as well as photographs and
videos of earlier projects.
The light installation LEAVES draws directly on the location
and season of its presentation at the Schafhof at the turn
of the year. Like autumn leaves, thickly packed and layered
in some parts, loosely scattered in others, a carpet of text
consisting of thousands of words, syllables, morphemes,
acronyms, and interjections, each one no longer than three
letters, covers parts of the façade of the Kunstforum, the
parklike premises, and the trees and bushes, already devoid
of leaves.
The lush but bare vegetation of the garden evokes the
remnants of a complex, previously perfect text. The viewers‘
personal, associative reading generates new texts and
meanings in this walkable natural and cultural space.

Opening: Friday, 15th of December, 7 pm

Artist talk: Sunday, 28th of January, 4 pm, with Bettina Pelz

Foto: Constellations, 2022, Klanglicht Graz

further information at: https://www.schafhof-kunstforum.de/?object=tx,2615.131.2&ModID=11&FID=2615.545.2&NavID=2615.4.2&La=2