NDR, Facade NDR, large broadcasting hall,

The work KALEIDOSKOP ABSTRACT by Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz on the façade of the large broadcasting hall in the radio station of the NDR in Hanover reacts with the projection of large geometric surfaces, their constructivist overlays and clear primary colors directly on the formal language of the building and consciously reminds of the beginnings Modernism at the beginning of the 20th century and its influence on post&ndfash;war architecture.
Only in the course of the animation, the areas become smaller and denser, it becomes apparent that the image material of the projection consists of individual letters. These are set in the Univers font, which was designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1950/1951, ie at the time of the construction of the Funkhaus. The letters can be read together into words:
The initially abstract surfaces suddenly receive readable content, which is ambiguously related to the use of the building.
Turning, tilting and mirroring the typographic elements creates a kaleidoscope-like ornament that covers the entire façade.
In the last third of the animation, the characters are reduced to the smallest graphic element: the point. It stands for the beginning of any creative idea, equal to the note in music.
KALEIDOSCOPE ABSTRACT is an abridged version of KALEIDOSCOPE; The latter is intended as a permanent installation at the large broadcasting room of the NDR, including soundtrack..

The work Kaleidoskop Abstract was shown in occasion of “Hannover leuchtet”.