GLOW Festival 2016,
Effenaar Building,

Commissioned by GLOW Festival 2016, Eindhoven, Robbert ten Caten
Concept: Hartung and Trenz
Sound: Zinkl
Animation: Detlef Hartung
Documentation video: Georg Trenz and Detlef Hartung
The EFFENAAR Building, designed by MVRDV, is one of the most famous music centers for POP in the Netherlands. Therefore we decided to work with english idioms, which are very often used also in pop songs. Effenaar itself is also a local idiom which means: Let's go.
The typographical projection of Hartung and Trenz picks up the clear cubic shapes and finds correspondences in sections and segments of letters and oversized word fragments.
What at first glance looks like an adaption of architectural elements in moving light surfaces condenses gradually to typographical characters, letters, words, phrases and idioms which cover the entire facade as text areas and let it shine.
Writing, language, light and the dynamics of animation condense into a visual sound.