International Light Art Festival Lichtungen EVI Hildesheim 2015,
Curated by Bettina Catler–Pelz, produced by Marketing Hildesheim GmbH,,
Volksbank, Hildesheim

Digits are characters to represent numbers.
They differ in their design shapes (round ⁄ square, narrow ⁄ wide, symmetrical ⁄ asymmetrically) and in their substantive meanings that historically developed from the idea of size and number. Digits and the numbers represented by them were used in all cultures, religions and societies not only to the physical, mathematical and scientific representation of the world, but also for their philosophical, mystical and symbolic interpretation.

The work DIG–IT by Hartung and Trenz on the façade of the Volksbank in Hildesheim, a place that owes its existence per se to the existence of numbers, plays with various levels of meaning of numbers and figures and their creative possibilities to generate images. Composed only of digits and animated, it develops before the viewer in a numerological countdown, the most diverse forms and associations from different sectors of visual perception. Abstract ornaments, structures and patterns alternate with natural forms such as flowers, honeycomb or snow crystals, the double helix is just as recognizable as machine parts or architectural elements. At the beginning of the sequences is a kind of cosmic noise which thickens to a point arising by duplication all digits. In the final sequence, a concentrated structure of the digits 1 and 0 in circular orbits shrinks back to a dot shape: the globe, the eye, the null, the void.
That the work bears the English title DIG–IT, is not only died to the figure as a design material, but in the ambiguity of this English expression it is also an invitation to the viewer to dig deeper into the meaning of numbers and images and to understand them better.
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Technique: Fa. Lang Medientechnik