Zamma Festival Freising,,
Cathedral Freising,

The work COINCIDENCE (Part 1 and Part 2) in the Schafhof and the Cathedral of Freising, at two first seemingly different places, deals with the concept of coincidence. This term refers to the simultaneity of events in time and space.
ALL IN ONE, ONE IN ALL is the text projected by two opposing projectors in the Cathedral of Freising. The text refers to the central concept of the philosopher and theologian Nicholas of Cusa: Coincidentia Oppositorum, the simultaneity of opposites. It says that all opposites spread in the world coincide in the Infinite One. Man with his finite mind is focused on the world built up of opposites. He is able to condense the unity of these opposites in a phrase or image, but he is unable to understand the significance of this infinity.
The visitors of the cathedral realizes after a certain time that the two opposing projections are the same in content and form, text and structure at certain moments, but experiences the formal effect in space from his point of view as completely contrarily. Amazingly here is that unlike the work in the Schafhof (Coincidence Part 1) all text lines are typed absolutely straight, but perceived in the identical opposite projection as curves and waves.
Visitors to the Schafhof and the Cathedral experienced a similar phenomenon with the opposite sign, a coincidence of his perception separated in space and time.