Zamma Festival Freising,
Schafhof, European House of Art Upper Bavaria,

The work COINCIDENCE (Part 1 and Part 2) in the Schafhof and the Cathedral of Freising, at two first seemingly different places, deals with the concept of coincidence. This term refers to the simultaneity of events in time and space. In the Schafhof two synonyms for the moment in time are written with projectors and slide projectors as a texture of waves and circular segments on the walls: IM AUGENBLICK ( at the moment ) and GERADE ( just ). The double meaning of the word “just” causes a conflict with the shape of the projection and the architecture. By exploring the space, the viewer realizes that both the curved wooden ribs of the exhibition space as well as the curved lines of text referring to it from some points of view and in some “moments” appear to be straight in the round of the barrel vault.
Visitors to the Schafhof and the Cathedral experienced a similar phenomenon with the opposite sign, a coincidence of his perception separated in space and time