4+20 Lichtstunden,
Kunstmuseum Celle,

The new exhibition - supplemented by the room-filling light art installation "ME!" by Essen-based artist Christoph Hildebrand in the foyer cube - now really brings light into the dark season. "4+20 hours of light" refers to the museum's unusual concept as a 24-hour art museum: during the day, a selection of 24 positions from the collection illuminates the museum rooms. All other light remains off during this time. Curators Daphne Mattner and Julia Otto have composed atmospherically dense spaces with sparingly and excitingly placed works. The compilation not only offers an insight into the artists' thinking and work, it also raises awareness of how to see and understand light phenomena. The interior of the Kunstmuseum Celle can thus be experienced in a completely new way as a sensual space of reflection and resonance full of vastness, light and color.

In addition, light art shines around the fa├žade at night, inviting visitors to take a nocturnal art stroll. As a remarkable extension of the art museum, the light art station can also be discovered in Celle. It offers further exciting illuminations with several new installations around the clock, but especially beautiful after dusk.