Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz



public art






Museum for Concrete Art and Design Ingolstadt, new building
in occasion of Flux Lightworks Ingolstadt 2020


What can I know? What should I do? What can I hope to do? What is a human being?
The four questions of Immanuel Kant get a new weight in Corona times.
FLUX Light Works Ingolstadt 2020
Artistic direction: Bettina Pelz
Technology: Lang Medientechnik
Production: City of Ingolstadt, Museum of Concrete Art and Design Ingolstadt until 31.8.2020, daily from 9pm to 12pm on the facade of the future museum.

The four famous questions of Kant:
What can I know? What should I do?
What can I hope? What is a human being?
Set in lines, as a linear typographic game in surface and space, they simultaneously enclose and open up spaces for thinking and living. In terms of content and form, they can be read in relation to and as a reflection of the current social, societal, artistic, but also architectural⁄urban situation.
On the future home of the Museum of Concrete Art and Design, the former foundry in Ingolstadt, these four questions and their animation form a kind of coordinate system for determining one‘s own position.