Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of the exhibition Scheinwerfer Part 2
in the Art Museum and the city of Celle,
curated by Robert Simon,
Tower of municipal church St. Marien, Celle



„Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis.”
„Times change and we change with them”
Proverb from the 16th century

The projection plays on two almost squared fields on the west and north side of the tower, just below the church clocks. The arched window on the west side of the tower is slightly cut. The projected fields open temporarily, like jalousies. It's like a X–ray view in the interior of the tower. As in a clockwork syllables tick, words circulate, text fragments shift to each other. Occasional readable terms like TIME, SPACE, MAN, FAITH are recognized. Then they disappear in a transparent, constantly moving, mutaually driving typographic structure. The light fields close and open again uncovering insights in other places.

Time is a word.
The work TEMPORA MUTANTOR plays with the idea of synonymy of typeface and time. As times change also language and type change and how we are changed by the times, also language and type change us. Typeface as eternal motive of our changes, visualized as a pulsating „written work” on the tower of the municipal church in Celle.