Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of Lichtsicht 4, Biennale of Projection in Bad Rothenfelde
curated by Prof. Dr. Manfred Schneckenburger,
Old Brine Graduation Works Monument in Bad Rothenfelde




In the perception of senses, the outside world is transformed into an inner consciousness conception in a constantly repetitive, generative process of reduction mechanisms, abstraction, pattern recognition and coding. The work GENERATIO realizes the process of brine production as an analogy to neuronal processes and develops through language and moving typography a visual reflection on the process of perception. The viewer sees himself confronted with a chaotic sum of not decipherable letters and characters that emerge again and again into readable word sequences. He is guided by the light–type–animation to the interface where he is generating subjective interpretations and realities. Otherwise unconscious processes of pattern search and image capture can be experienced. The letters and texts remain open and offer the viewer the opportunity to reflect on his own history and stories.



The work GENERATIO is divided in seven chapters, each one following its own basic theme: Synonyms are just as much in use as etymological affinities, sound similarities, root words and its derivatives or free associations. In each chapter an individual animation dissolves the term cloud formally and creates individual fragments which generate new image–word cross links in the viewers mind. The seven thematic terms: GENERATION — EYE CONTACT — FLOOD OF IDEAS — REASONING — MEMORY — CURRENT OF CHARACTERS — ASSOCIATION formulate in their sequence turn a perceptual process.



Eye contact





Flood of ideas









Current of characters






The Biennial of Projection opened on the 27th of September end ended on the 11th of january 2014
Equipment: 6 channel videoinstallation, mediaplayer
Measurements of the old brine graduation works monument: length: 114m, height 13m