Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of Lichtrouten 2013 international Forum of Light in Art and Design,
curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll,
Allen House, Sternplatz, Lüdenscheid




Georg Trenz and Detlef Hartung deal in their light–text–projection SPIELRAUM, in the city center on the Lüdenscheider Sternplatz with the phenomenon of the term. In seven individual sequences they explore on two faces of the Allen House, a white cube not dissimilar, the playground of different ideas and slogans in form and content: the playground of town as well as the playground of power, world, freedom, escape, life, of time or of language. The terms revolve around their connotations, taking with them the inherent dynamics of space and property, always in the encounter with the ubiquitous term SPIELRAUM. Movement patterns and spatial conception of each animation are inspired by these correspondences.


What at first glance the SPIELRAUM (playground) let appear so harmless, naive and apolitical is the game. It is childish, useless, happy and sociable. The space however is the limit, it structures and controls the game. It, the head word, plays the evil, the adversary in this seemingly paradoxical compound. Freedom and restriction, length and narrowness, fantasy and reality are the antonyms that are immanent to the scope.
Strictly speaking the playground is a margin, a variation, a difference. If you like, it is the free, non–defined, reverse space between two defined positions. So its a negative and could be seen as a quite serious matter, not harmless, naive or apolitical.



It is neither subject nor object but something in between.
It is the parent of anarchy beyond things. It is the plus and the minus. It defies classification, benefits and harms at the same time. In production and reproduction the scope becomes developer and creator. The indistinctness of the copy is the scope of evolution.
How much scope is located between the I and the you, between perception and projection?
The art of projection is the possibility to use this scope.










The festival from 27.9. – 16.10.2013 had about 45.000 visitors.
Technology 2 channel videoinstallation, Watchout from Dataton
Technology and Support by Michael Lang Medientechnik.