Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of Brucker Culture Night,
monastery church, monastery Fürstenfeld




On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the founding of the monastery the annual lighting for the Brucker Culture Night took this time place inn the monastery church of Fürstenfeldbruck. St Maria Himmelfahrt is considered as a masterpiece of south german late baroque. The light installation consisted of slide projections throughout the nave with a texture from the latin Ave Maria and an animated projection onto the front altar area. These animated clips from the Ave Maria, as GRATIA PLENA (full of grace), NUNC ET IN HORA MORTIS NOSTRAE (now and at the hour of our death) or DOMINUS TECUM (the Lord will be with you) interpreted them in their dynamic and movement corresponding to their statement.













Two weeks later, the night before the founding of the monastery, a Vigil was celebrated with Gregorian chants in the monastery church, for which the work AVE MARIA was integrated into the liturgy. Before the entire light installation completed to the TE DEUM, three nocturnes of the vigil were illuminated with single projections: The House of God, Jesus Christ and Maria.
Celebrant: Director of Parish Association
Schola: Schola choir of the parish of St. Peter and Paul in Olching, under the direction of Wolfgang Mann
Organ: Thomas Friese
Lighting Design: Georg Trenz