Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of the International Festival of Light Jerusalem 2013,
ancient city wall, Jerusalem, Israel




The work LIGHT was developed for the International Festival of Light Jerusalem 2013.
The festival was curated by Eduardo Huebscher.
Light and words have in common:
they make the world visible.

Just a word? But much more than that!
The term light illuminates as a texture in different languages (english, hebrew and arabic) and fonts the ancient walls at Hatekuma Garden, the typographic structure changes by ranking, summarization, reflection and superposition into a moving ornament. Words and images merge into one and let the fascinating structure of the ancient wall at Hatekuma shine in a new, unusual but yet familiar light and brings it to a new life in the darkness.
A reflection on the legibility of objects and its basic requirement: light.



We consider this work as a tribute to the ancient tradition of the Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy, but also especially as a reflection on light as a timeless medium of communication and information.




















the festival during from 5.6. – 13.6.2013 had about 300.000 visitors.
Technology: 4 channel videoinstallation, 4 LCD projectors, 4 mediaplayers
Technology and support by Michael Lang Media.