Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






in occasion of Fürstenfeld leuchtet,
yard of Monastery Fürstenfeld


The German verb wandeln may refer to a fundamental transformation — the taking on of another form or shape — but it may also refer to moving forward in slow and measured steps. The Wandelgang walkway within a cloister retains the original meaning: to pace through it is to symbolically undergo a conscious, contemplative life transformation. These projections in the former inner courtyard of Kloster Fürstenfeld — today the courtyard of the police faculty of the Bavarian technical university for public officials — play with the multiple meanings of this concept, relating it to this location and to its history. A video animation consisting of intercrossing vertical and horizontal lines composed of the word Wandlung permanently changes the north fa├žade of the monastery church, reminding us of the meaning of the word in a Christian context. Onto the other facades of this courtyard (used for classes by the technical university) the term Wandlung is projected as a static texture. This is not merely an optical alteration to the architecture and to the plants of the courtyard — the visitor is written on also, and the visitor's appearance also changes in the light of the projection.


photo with friendly courtesy of: livinmotion


photo with friendly courtesy of: livinmotion