Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






Exhibition of Waltraud Cooper, Hartung and Trenz, Artmuseum Celle with collection Robert Simon,



Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz create in typographic projections multilayered optical surfaces by clever transitions. Three–dimensional text spaces written with white light, that not only may be read, but also passed through with the whole body and be experienced. The structure of the text changes when the shadow of the viewer darkens parts of the projections. Depending on position and movement of the “readers” dynamically changing constellations of sentences and words are formed. The world of new senses and meaning landscapes may be entered away from grammatical and logical order. The originally static text loses its apparent uniqueness and constantly provides new readings and opportunities for mind games.
BLINDTEXT, 2004/2012
11 slide projectors, slides, rostrum, cables
Only once shown at Gallery Seippel, Cologne, exhibition Black Box, 2004
The work BLINDTEXT (Blind Text) shows quotations from each of Katharina Fritsch, Jean Paul Sartre and Plato. When viewers walk into the typographical projection by eleven slide projectors, their shadows cover parts of the text, while other textual fragments remain visible in the shaded area. The shadows move on various textual planes, thus constantly reinterpreting the texts.



8 slide projectors, slides, rostrum, cables
Only once shown at Gallery Seippel, Cologne, exhibition Blick Halten, 2007
The serially set text GERADE SCHEINT DIE SONNE is projected by eight overlapping slide projectors in the form of an optical diaphragm. When visitors walk into the projection, individual text levels are revealed and their own shadows are fragmented in the curve of the “iris”.






videoinstallation, projector, mediaplayer, cabel, rostrum, bracket
On the pavement behind the Art Museum Celle appear with the dawn repeatedly alternating words, composites of the word “light”. When they reach full illumination, the terms wind following the pattern of the paving, towards the center of the city until they disappear at the edge of the square in the ground.
The animated projection, a sort of luminous word field research has to do with the question how we see and understand light and what vocabulary we use for it.