Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



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VOLIERE (Aviary)
— eine Freifluganlage für Worte, (— a free flight construction for words),
Long Night of Museums Cologne,
neues kunstforum Cologne



The myth of Daedalus and Icarus describes in antiquity, that the dream of people flying, the dream of absolute freedom, could only be realized by respecting limits, the middle course. Neither the sun nor the water should get too close to Icarus.
The limited limitless, the freedom in chains are an original motive of the man who can sing a song about the ambivalence of mind and body, imprisonment and independence (Hoffmann von Fallersleben: Thoughts are free). It even seems that the one causes the other, each room is not only prison but also germ cell, nest,(birth–) place of freedom.


This paradox, that all is in one place, a limited space opens unlimited possibilities, inside and outside are two sides of a coin, touches people from the Stone Age to modern times and is reflected in its architecture. There is a beautiful constructive analogy of this paradox in the large aviaries, popular since the baroque era, where the birds nest and fly around in an illusion of freedom.
A model of life?



Architectural analogies to these alliterated biospheres (which include the palm houses, butterfly houses, etc.) can be found in the glass palaces of the world fairs of the 19th Century and the modern transparent architectures (such as in the New Art Forum). Glass and steel structures confuse the private and the public and mutate to social aviaries, cages in which people practice flying. The means they have available are again paradoxes, thoughts and ideas that have become form: images and words.


Just as words represent and generate the world and point beyond themselves, is shown in the Installation VOLIERE (Aviary) in the New Art Forum on the example of bird names. This imaginative neologisms from all walks of life, such as swift, glutton, warbler form together the network of a virtual aviary, projected on ceiling and walls. A speech frame, an outer skin, a barrier of a newly composed vocabulary, to and within the words from the conceptual fields of perception, thought and feeling, move seemingly free, like birds and turn the area in the evening hours into a thinking space enveloped by language.


Nichts ist drinnen, nichts ist draußen:
Denn was innen das ist außen.

Nothing is inside, nothing is out:
For the inside is outside.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)



Accompanying the Long Night of Museums the interaction of Res Ingold: “air space control” was presented:
“Man flies only as far as he is already in his head”.
(Jens Weisflog)