Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






Narracje 2010, Light Art Festival,
Günther Grass Gallery Gdansk



Since ancient times the public square, the Greek Agora or the Roman Forum refers as a place of meeting, communication, and is a characteristic of an independent, self–determined city. Public places in Gdansk are often off the tourist routes and many are hidden in large, leafy courtyards primarily used as parking and storage space for bins.


The work ACH (engl. oh! I see!) in the Günther Grass Gallery in Gdansk is to be seen as interjection and intervention in the public space outside the gallery in the old town. It discusses the relationship between inner and outer world, the ambiguity of terms: Inside – outside, private – public, shadow – light.
From the windows of the gallery the projections develop text–fields with the mixed feelings suggesting shout ACH, which are only readable if passers–by entry into the projections and decipher the words on their own body or on the ones of their neighbors.


At the same time reflections and further projections in the interior invite to enter the gallery. The numerous windows of the gallery allow – on both sides – the observation of a permanently changing room caused by the interventions of the audience. Movement and communication of the Danzig public create a continual change of the work.

The exclamation "Ach!" suppresses in Polish as in German, a certain sensation, evaluation or attitude and transmits a signal of approach or its avoidance. This ambivalence is also found in the Egyptian mythology, where the term ACH designates gods, as well as demons.