Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






In occasion of the exhibition SWITCHON!, 2. Art Award, issue light,
Old School, Gräfelfing


The Kunstkreis Gräfelfing juried 33 artists into the exhibition SwitchOn! from which the winners of the Award of Light 2009 with a total of 11,000 euros prize money were then selected.



The work EINLEUCHTEN refers both form and content on the former use of the schoolbuilding. The texture, which is above all, is composed of the two words EINLEUCHTEN/AUSFRAGEN (OBVIOUS/INTERROGATE), and the related notation in capital letters leaves it open, whether the verbs or nouns are referred to. This pair of concepts can then assign different meanings. It could be meant for example that this obviousness is questioned or challenged. It could also be understood as an enlightenment that only takes place when sufficient questions are asked.
And actually lies behind this text structure another projection level of lots of questions. Actually, these are determining sentences formed as questions, such as:
This is a chair?, This is a house?, This is a ladder?,


In the first class in reading and writing lessons almost all of us were taught in this way to get the terminology of the world in conjunction with small pictures. Now we know since Magritte, that the image of a pipe is not a pipe and a word is of course a very abstract deputy of the meaning.
Since the beginning of the 20th Century the arts, in principle, make nothing else than questioning and modifying these preconceived images and concepts of world and reality through a different form of perception.








The work EINLEUCHTEN won the 1st prize.