Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



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Fürstenfeld in Light
City hall courtyard Monastery Fürstenfeld


ach, vergeblich das Fahren!
Spät erst erfahren Sie sich:
bleiben und stille bewahren
das sich umgrenzende Ich.

Gottfried Benn, REISEN


The holy Benedict, founder of the Benedictine order, formulated in the written order of his rule in the 58th Chapter (verse 17): “de promittat stabilitate” — he promises stability. The Benedictine monks and later also the Cistercian developed this into “stabilitas loci” — a “local stability”. Benedict, however, expanded the definition to the membership of a community whose goal was to seek God and to get on the way to God. This paradox of change in the constant, the movement in the static, the experiencing in the staying is a motif that appears in many world religions and finds its visual equivalent in the initiation rites of the maze (the colonnade). For Benedict a change in the spirit to God was only possible through this resistance in the monastic community.



Otherwise permanent places will only be recognized as such, when viewed from the outside, as a satellite orbiting. The site considered here as a metaphor for a process that represents in the widest sense a journey which is a cover of a search, a path. Farewell and welcome are the characterizing fixed points of a journey, where in its interspace and–time things, people and senses are changing.


Die Installation “STABILITAS LOCI — IM GEGENLICHT” in the city hall courtyard of the monastery Fürstenfeld orbits in the truest sense of the word, the metaphor of stabilitas loci.