Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



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LICHT:SPRACHE (Light:Language)
Catholic Academy Bavaria,


The Catholic Academy of Bavaria is an open forum for intellectual debate and scientific dialogue, in which she introduces the position of the Christian faith.
Architectural core and heart of this paradigm is the auditorium of the Academy.



This is where the discussion finds its words and pictures.
An artistic work in and with this room is in actual fact, in each case, a perception theory approach.
How can cognition happen on communication?


An informative text on the subject is found in the Bible in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13. In this Jesus reflects the human perception and justifies therefore his talk in parables. “Therefore I speak to them in parables. Because with seeing eyes they do not see and with hearing ears they do not hear, for they do not understand it.” (Matthew 13:13).


A parable is a paradox. His ambiguity causes its uniqueness. A parable is a transformer, an emulsifier, a translation instrument for squaring the circle, the polarities of emotion and reason. It is the word which has become image and image transformed in a word in the same moment. Language behaves similarly when it is deliberately designed in form of letters related to the surface and the room. Its formal shape corresponds to its substantive content. It becomes a parable.


The work Licht:Sprache/Light:Language in the hall of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria translates the 13th Matthew chapter into light. Text fragments are inscribed in Braille–type onto the auditorium. Textures from the Latin and German texts, barely readable in the traditional sense, overlap each other and call for a new kind of reading, an involving into the light(= energy)– words with all your senses, and a reflection on seeing and perception.



In the foyer of the Catholic Academy of Bavaria, the work LICHTEN structured the opposite wall of the glassfaçade. The visitors need to pass through the projection to get to the auditorium. The first unreadable light structure is thus divided by the shadow of the visitor and becomes readable, it appears in a variety of perspectives the word “LICHTEN (lighten)”.





Furthermore, a selection of large–format prints was presented along on the wall of the atrium.