Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






Shining, Festival for media art and electronic music,
former highway service area and recreation center of the U.S. Army, Felden/Chiemsee


The former highway service area and the later recreation center of the U.S. Army are in relation to the adjacent highway an ensemble, demonstrating in an almost absurd way the combination of modern mobility and simultaneous desire for personal relaxation according to the home away from home.
The establishment of a festival for media art and electronic music in these buildings offers a contemporary equivalent of idyll–seeking tourists and resting people. Perhaps because of this the in its literal sense to be considered monument remains a foreign body in the landscape of the Chiemsee–Alps–region.
The light–space installation INTAKT consists of moving and not moving components and developed in harmony with the accompanying analog music of the adjacent motorway and the electronic music of the festival a dialog between the place and the visitors of the festival.



The following pictures were kindly provided by Jens Müller
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