Georg Trenz



public art






public art for the
“Künstlerhof” Ludwigsplatz, Rosenheim


The word BLICK extends over the full height of the entire open area of the light well. It can be read in reverse form on sandblasted glass panes via a screen printing process (visible area of glass: approx. 270 x 80 cm). The sharpness of the letters? edges varies with the position of the viewers. The mounts, each 50 cm high, are made of stainless steel.
BLICK forms the centre of the Künstlerhof.

It emphasizes its verticality.


It makes it impossible to look outwards and at the same time makes this possible in a modified fashion. It plays with the sunlight and during the day appears in part as a coloured shadow in the stairwell. Etymologically the word BLICK is related to a flash of lightning, a beam of light. The BLICK is only part, even though also the centre, of an overall concept that goes beyond architecture.


A whole variety of compound words involving BLICK, some of them unassuming, some in prominent positions, appear in various parts of the building, especially at entrances and in passageways, and condense around the light well (e.g. –Kontakt (eye contact), Durch– (view through), Über– (survey), –Punkt (viewpoint), –Wechsel (change of perspective), Aus– (view out, prospects), Licht– (bright spot), etc.).



These terms are applied to floor, wall, ceiling or glass panes, using a variety of materials and techniques. They play with their location in a concrete fashion, but also perceive themselves as part of a greater whole.



They communicate with the BLICK, and complete it.
They point towards the unity of image and word, and to the relationship between culture and communication.


The lettering relates very strongly to local conditions and materials, and so they were applied at short notice, in agreement with the owner of the building. There are 17 texts at present, but this figure is variable, and can be extended.