Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



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Finissage of the Landesausstellung Jahrhundertschritt 05,
Turbine hall and cellar, Industrial Museum Nordwolle Delmenhorst

For the Landesausstellung Jahrhundertschritt 05, the industrial museum in Delmenhorst mounted a special exhibition on the subject of “Peter Behrens — an exhibition architect between art and industry 1901–1914)” on the site of the Nordwolle industrial monument. Peter Behrens is seen as the first German industrial designer. He worked for the Anker Linoleum factory in Delmenhorst, among others, from 1904.

The SAMMELSTELLE (COLLECTION POINT) light installation links Behrens‘s work with linoleum as a material with the projection location, the former Nordwolle factory turbine hall, with its historical function as a power station and its current use as an industrial museum. Linoleum is interpreted as a storage device for energy and ideas, in brief, as a pool for material and intellectual production, because of its functional and creative potential. During the day, a collection of about 100 fictitious typographical patterns is projected on the hall‘s rear projection wall, in an endless loop. They are created simply by modifying textual material, using spacing, leading etc. Selected structures in the form of individual projections develop an intimate dialogue with architecture and technology on the basis of this specimen pool. The entire space becomes a typographical collection point, a power station, an energy store.

Just as there is a supporting structure behind every collection, and here in the cellar, the industrial museum‘s access to the turbine hall, the structure of the woven jute on the back of the linoleum plays that part. A fabric–like texture made up of the terms URTEXT / TEXTUR (ORIGINAL TEXT / TEXTURE) covers the cellar walls, supply lines and machines.