Detlef Hartung – Georg Trenz



public art






Federal Award Jugend forscht,
TU Garching near Munich,
Artistic concept, realisation and direction,
with Prof. Berger, Aaademy of Fine Arts Munich

Starting position is the idea of using the existing spatial and technical conditions to reach with unostentatious resources through innovation and creativity to new and surprising results, to adapt one premise of the “Jugend forscht” approach . The artistic transformation used auditorium specific media and means (projection, text, images, icons, sound, speech, word, lectures, panels, screens, etc.). The performance leads man into the action, which uses these funds and interprets them. The sign vocabulary is borrowed from the terminology of the different areas of science, is playing with them and leads to visual cognitive processes. This design principle aims to an artistic and dramatic independence, but taking into account the structural requirements of a traditional award–ceremony.


The drama develops a tension that is the substance of the research process. Of the associative, visual perception over the introduction of real image, man, color and language in the opening, the optical and substantive attention is drawn to the fundamental characteristics of the seven disciplines.
Thematically, the drama follows in this part the guidance and monitoring of macro–to micro–cosmos in geo & space sciences, physics, biology, chemistry and secondary reflection or testing in the areas of work, engineering and mathematics.

As a symbol of new findings in the final images, the compression and superimposed projections are consistent with the optical dissolution of the existing architecture and entry into new perceptual spaces.

The names of all participating youth are written without typographical differences in the entire area, as a symbol of common work and research.

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